Monday, December 30, 2013

Anniversaries and Football

Doug and I celebrated our 15th anniversary the day after Christmas.

Yes, we got married on December 26th.
If you already know the story why, skip down...

So, why did we get married the day after Christmas?

Simple... Texas High School Football!

It was the era of Art Briles at Stephenville High School and Doug and I were both teachers there. When we got engaged in June of 1998 and were discussing wedding plans, my dad said that he had missed one state game for me (had to pick me up from the airport after I had been in England for a semester of college..) and he didn't want to miss another.

 So, even though it was JUNE... we went and reserved the church for the Saturday AFTER the state game... the day after Christmas!

Turns out to have been a pretty smart call.

We won state that year.

Doug and I joke that we should have just gotten married at half-time at Cowboy Stadium on the star! Our friends, some family and our students were there!

I'm guessing only in the great state of Texas do people plan weddings around a high school football game... especially when they don't even have a family member in the game!


To commemorate our anniversary, Doug got me a watch. Not just any watch, but a Coach watch to match my purse! He said that since my purse was a reminder of my weight loss journey, the matching watch would be a reminder of our love and life together. 

That's romantic stuff.

I was equally romantic.... I got Doug a garage door opener. Ouch. Good thing he doesn't love me for my romantic gestures! 

(Hey, but I did do a romantic gift last year... remember the wedding dress photo shoot?)

So Friday night we got a babysitter and spent the night in Fort Worth. It's so nice to get a way once in a while!! Here we are at Taverna, a really awesome Italian restaurant in Sundance Square (downtown). It was soo good!

We have aged a bit.. but we are still looking good and enjoy each other's company! Not bad for 15 years!!

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