Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oral Surgery and the Rabbit Adventure Begins

It's been a big week for Lexi.

On Wednesday Lexi had oral surgery to remove FIVE teeth. Yes, you read that right, 5 teeth! As you can see from the picture below, she wasn't exactly thrilled. It had to be done to make room for the permanent teeth that are working their way in. Lexi's petite features have a real impact on her mouth. (Not the amount of words that have to come from it..)

Here she is after surgery. She is drugged, but not sleeping. (A gift my children have is to be on pain killer from surgery and not sleep. They talk to me, they need things, they talk some more, but they do not sleep!)

If you look carefully you can see her teeth in her lap. I have a closeup of the 5 teeth, but I decided to spare you readers from that!

Then if the day hadn't been eventful enough, it was time to pick up her rabbits. I would have liked to have waited a little longer, but the breeder wanted us to get them before the winter storm hit.  (Thanks! Like we know how to keep rabbits alive in freezing temps!)

So Doug went after work and picked up the rabbits that Lexi needs to show in the stock show in January as a Jr FFA member.

It was quite an event in our house. 

We had a nice cozy wood hutch for the rabbits, but the rabbit man said nope! He sent Doug home with this wire hutch. We learned that the rabbits will pee on the wood and then eat the wood.. this will make the rabbits sick. Or they will pee on the shavings in the hutch and then end up with stinky stained fur. Yuck. So sorry rabbits, it's wire for you!

And they don't seem to mind.

Look, I am holding a rabbit. Proof that I "like" animals. I really like these rabbits. We have them until mid-January and then they go back to the breeder!

Here Kylie is learning how to pet the rabbits. Yep, the rabbit man even had instructions for that! FYI, you pet the rabbit from ear to tail, not both directions.

Lexi is learning to hold the rabbit and not scream/squeal when it tries to climb out of her arms.  

Lexi feeding the rabbits for the first time. (Look at that super cool hutch in the background. Bummer that we can't use it! If you know of anyone that needs a nice hutch for rabbits, let us know! Since the rabbits are rented, we couldn't refuse his pen!) 


And so far, so good. We have a space heater in the garage and we are keeping the temp above freezing. The rabbit man said that he wasn't worried about the cold, as long as the rabbits don't get wet! And we had to make sure that their water doesn't freeze. The high today is in the 20's with the low in the teens, so we are on alert!

Doug and Lexi have started training the rabbits. They have to teach them to sit still. Good Luck.

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