Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I love this fun wall hanging of my girls!  It’s in Lexi and Kylie’s room and adds just a fun flair to an otherwise pretty boring brown wall.  I did have to hang it rather high as it is above Kylie’s dresser, otherwise known as her changing table.

sister1 sister2

Each letter is 9x9 and firmly attached to a piece of chipboard then I punched a whole in the top, attached a ring to it and slipped it onto the twine.  I like that can move the letters around so that different pictures get equal playing time. (And that’s important with 3 girls!)

sister5 sister8sister7sister4sister10sister6   sister9

Another thing that I took into consideration while making this was future usability.  Knowing that I wouldn’t want to keep it on the wall forever, I made it a standard size so that I could slip it into an album later.

We also bought fabric for curtains this week.  More Cowgirl stuff (oh my!).  Lexi picked it out of course and the colors match the sister banner, so what could I say but Yeehaw!  I am hoping to make curtains over Easter.  We’ll see :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isn't she adorable

Isn't she adorable!!

I know.. I say it all the time, but I can't help it!!

I created this entirely in Photoshop. Yeah me :)

Here are the details:
Papers and embellishments are Festival by Shabby Princess
Delight by Katie Pertiet
Stamped Moments by Katie Pertiet
Footloose Font by CTMH

Friday, March 26, 2010

And the winner is

Thanks to all of you who left comments and became followers to my blog!! It makes me feel special.. even though it is kind of a bribe. :) 

So the winner is….image

Marnas said...

I didn't even realize that I could become a follower hehe. I read all your blogs though. I love this and want to make one too!

March 20, 2010 10:51 AM

If Marnas will email me snail mail details, I’ll get the banner ready to mail!

And for the rest of you, no worries.. more blog candy will be coming soon. 

And for any of you local people that might want to make your own banner, give me a holler and we can put a class together so you can make your very own custom creation!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep those comments coming!

I'm getting ready to pack up my little treasure.. so keep those comments coming!  I'll draw for the winner Friday afternoon so that I can mail the project to it's new owner Saturday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Candy Makes Me Laugh!

laugh file 

So I participated in a challenge over at Erin’s blog, you can check it out here:  Inky Smiles: Scrap My Scraps II: Reveal #1- Emily McLemore

I love how it turned out!  You know sometimes things just work, well this one did! Yippee.. So I thought, why not give it away??  I’m hoping that it will get motivated and make another one, this time I’m going with black and pink and it will say Sisters.. We will see if I follow through..  But that’s a story for another day.

Here are the details from the banner.

laugh2laugh6 laugh3 laugh5laugh4   

If you would like to win this, leave me a comment and I’ll put your name in the drawing.  Become a follower and I’ll put your name in 2 times!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gotta show you something I just made

I am so excited about a project I just finished.  But I can’t show it off just yet!! It was a challenge from a different blog and as soon as Erin gets all of the projects up on her blog, I’ll show it off.  However, I do have a sneak peak for you!
  sneak peak2 sneak peak
Don’t you just love those colors!

As to how I am feeling these days, well, I feel like I might survive.  I am on my second round of antibiotics and am hoping that this will do the trick.

I am so lucky that I had Spring Break this week.  Too bad for my kiddos that they got stuck with a sick mom for the break, but oh well, at least they got to relax a little too.

I’ve got some more projects in the mix that I will be showing off soon.  So look forward to that and a little giveaway coming soon too!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Art Show and a little too much information

Well, this past week has been a little nuts.  Even for me.  Last Friday I started feeling bad. I had hoped that it was just working with the clay and all.. but it was not to be.  By Saturday I had a fever.  Sunday I didn’t move. Monday I had to put up the art show.  Yeah, it was a lot of fun to do this with the flu.  The other art teachers and I worked tirelessly for two days to get the show up and ready for the reception Tuesday show6 art show2 art show3 art show5

Thankfully I can say that we did and it we had a great turn out and it looks great.  One mom, Suzanne was the life-saver.  She organized the reception complete with balloons, flowers, cookies and punch.  She is such an awesome lady.  Boy I hope her son likes art :)

So on to Wednesday, I am still sick, but I’d been out of class for 2 days, so I really needed to be at work.  I went and counted the 30 boxes of prom stuff that had been delivered.

Thursday I stayed home and went to the doctor.  I have bronchitis.

Friday I went to school and started inventorying the 30 boxes of prom stuff along with oh yeah, teaching my classes… and I struggled to make it through the day complete with a fever and body aches.

Friday night I taught a new group of ladies a scrapbooking class.  I would have cancelled, but this was their first class with me and the reason they came to me was the last person they tried to get kept cancelling on them!! EEK.. didn’t want to do that.  And I had made some really cute pages. sarsaparilla double1 sarsaparilla double2 sarsaparill double 3

So we are back to Saturday and I didn’t move but to go from the bed to the recliner. I am so lucky that my husband is such a great man. He did laundry all day and cooked meals.

Monday I am going to go to the doctor.  I think I have Mastitis. I’ve got all the symptoms, complete with a fever.  Boy am I glad it’s spring break, my body is worn out!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Growth Chart.. so worth it!

Don’t you love it when you order something over the internet and it comes better than expected?? Well, this is so true for the Growth Chart!! Yippee!!

In fact, I love that I got a scheduled delivery notice, that the packaging was so great and most importantly, the piece itself was better than I expected.

Here is how it looks on Kylie’s wall. I apologize for the weird shadows, but there is a skylight in Kylie’s room and so we end up with a very bright spot on her wall during the day.  But in real life, the colors are vibrant without being over the top.

growth carth 001 growth chart growth chart2

So if you are in the market for kids bedding, accessories or anything kid, I would highly suggest this site.

Enjoy… and don’t you just love Maddie’s red hair :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The reason I am teacher

Some days I wonder if I am doing enough as a teacher.  Some days I wonder if anything I do is right. 
Some days I wonder if I am doing more harm than good.
Some days I wonder if I should change careers.

But not today.

This is the reason I teach.
This is the reason I keep learning knew ways to teach.
This is the reason I push myself to not just do “enough.”
This is the reason I love my job.
web clayweb clay2 web clay3
I wish I could show you this student’s face. And while I have permission to photograph and use her images, in respect for her, I won’t.  Let’s just say that her face contained a joy that I have never seen.

This student is wheelchair bound and has cerebral palsy.  She communicates with her facial expressions and some sounds.  My heart aches for the experiences that she misses out on because we haven’t figured out a way to include her.  My heart aches for the struggles that she faces every day.

But today, she was the one who was able to experience creating on a pottery wheel.  With some adaptation, a wonderful therapist who was willing to come in early and go the extra mile (complete with getting covered in clay) and some non-traditional methods, this student created ART!!!

My heart races just remembering her joy.

This is why I am so proud to be a teacher.