Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Being a big football town doesn't mean we ignore the arts!

Living in a small Texas town, obsessed with football, people automatically assume that the arts get the leftovers when it comes to funding and community support.

I have to say, it is one of my favorite conversations to have.. cause while that might be the case some places, it's not for us!! We in the Stephenville, support our athletic programs AND our art programs!!

Case in point, Tuesday evening's 6-8th grade Christmas band concert. The concert was held at the high school, because their are soo many kids in band that they can't fit on any of the other school's stages easily! Nice problem to have!!

Then, there is the seating for the audience. We got there at 6:40 for the concert that started at 7pm. Maddie was in the third band performing, so I figured we'd have plenty of time to find seats and then as the bands performed we would just shift up to get closer as people left. NOPE! by 6:40 there were just a few rows of seats left in the auditorium that seats 1000 people! And nobody left! Okay, some did, but the people that were having to stand at the back immediately filled in their seats!

Isn't it fabulous that these junior high students get to perform for a full house!

And of course, my first-chair clarinet girl did awesome!

Here is the Symphonic Band getting ready to perform.

Yippee, my camera took decent pictures..even from the very back of the auditiorium.

And with her directors. They do a great job day in and day out.

And with a friend after the concert.

One of the best parts of the night... three bands+ percussion specials and we still got out in right at an hour! 

Love being a band mom!

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