Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Passing the Thanksgiving Tradition Torch

Thanksgiving is an incredibly important holiday in my family. So many wonderful memories, and even some really sad ones (my dad's dad died on Thanksgiving day when I was in 9th grade..) but important nonetheless.

For many years, Thanksgiving has taken place at my parent's house. Check out the link for last year  if you need a refresher on my family traditions! :)

This year, it was at the same physical address, but now it's my house. 

It was weird. 

Getting ready for the day felt strange, baking and cleaning, thinking back to my childhood.  But then the morning of Thanksgiving, waiting for my parent's to arrive was just odd. I kept wanting to ask my mom about where to put something or what we usually did with whatever... and I'd remember that it was my event now. 

It was bittersweet.

Anyway... back to Thanksgiving!

We invited my parent's, my sister's and their families, my brother-in-law and his family and some friends of ours. We had a great group.

One of the true blessings of the day was that my friend is a photographer! She took pictures of us at play and then family group shots. I tried to get them to be in the pictures, but they felt weird being in our family pictures. (I should have dug out Thanksgiving pictures from the last 20 years and they would have seen that they were in good company!)

Anyway, thanks Margaret for the awesome pictures! You can check her out on facebook, click here.

Look at the joy on Hudson's face!! 

And then we moved to the back yard for family pictures!

Look at that...every face is visible and in focus!! 

This is the whole group minus the friends who stood back and watched and laughed at us.

Every family picture session includes a crazy picture!

Then we took a Maxwell family picture.

And a McLemore family picture.

No crazy one for this group. I think everyone was pictured out by this point.

So the tradition torch has been passed.Wow, how time flies!

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