Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some do it in a year, for me, I'm taking 10!

The sum total of my life.

I downloaded a plan to read the bible in a year.

That was more than a year ago.  I'm on week 6.

Acknowledging that my life is not going ot get any simpler or easier...

I'm going to give myself 10 years.

Whoever developed the One Year Bible approach was not a full-time working outside the home mother of three.

If you are a full-time working outside the home mom and want my 10 year plan, let me know.  Maybe we can motivate each other.

Just don't expect me to call you every week or anything like that.

Well, I'm off to read Exodus 19.  

Can't wait to show you my certificate of completion in 2021!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life, 24/200, and Pinterest

I just realized how long it has been since I was last on here. One of these days I am going to feel like I have my feet under me and can do fun things again.  I'm not there yet.

So what's been going on in our world?

Well, to begin, Doug left his old investment company and started his own financial company!! Exciting times.  A little scary, but every risk comes with reward and it was time for him to be the guy that made the decisions about his future!!

Moving a financial services business is a lot of behind the scenes work and a quick move in the end, so we have been very focused on starting McLemore Financial Group.

If you need any financial advise, call Doug at 254-968-1020!!

What else is going on?  Just school and life.  Maddie was sick most of last week.  A little "innocent" 24 hour sore throat for most people becomes a week-long yucky time for Mad. After she had been sick for four days I took her to the doctor, but the doctor was booked solid, so they did a nurse visit to check her urine and do a strep test.  The strep test was negative and thankfully her urine looked good.  Then the nurse asked the regular questions and did the nice nurse talk. Thanks.  I really wanted to ask her if she had looked at Maddie's chart.  But I didn't, I just pointed out that the 24 hour virus she was talking about had passed long before. It gets old and tiring.  My sister is a WONDERFUL nurse, so I really try to be more patient with medical people because I truly know that they have the patients well-being in the forefront of their mind, however, there are times when I really just want to say... LOOK AT HER CHART!!!

Okay, sorry about the want. Maddie is well now :)

Next on the agenda, progress reports went out Thursday.  Lexi beat Maddie's grades!  Maddie did point out that 6th grade is much harder than 1st grade and Lexi pointed out that Maddie had missed almost a full week of school.  Nonetheless, Lexi was rather proud of her three 100's, a 99 and a 98.  Maddie didn't do to shabby either with two 100's and a lowest greade of a 96.  As a teacher, I couldn't help myself and told them to remember that this was just a progress report and that the official grade would come later and that I expected similar grades to show up there....

I am so thankful to have children that do so well in school. It is a huge blessing!

And how am I doing?  Well, thanks for asking.  I am doing okay.  I am still in the learning the new routine phase of the year.  My students are really good and my program is really off to a great start this year, but me, well, I'm struggling.

However, it is getting better and as I sat in a meeting on Thursday, I realized why.

Have you heard of the 24/200 concept?  Well, studies show that it takes doing something 24 times to do it proficiently.  But it takes doing something 200 times to make it routine.  So here I am with a new schedule and a new curriculum and feeling overwhelmed every day.  Of course I am! We are only on day.. well I don't know, but it's not day 24 yet.  So thinking about this has made me stop beating myself up for being exhausted and overwhelmed and given me hope.  It is getting better, and it will continue to be so.

I like this concept so much, that I think I'm going to make a 24/200 banner and put it up in my classroom.  Students are constantly asking why they have to draw something they have already drawn, explaining gets old.. but a banner, I could point to and say remember.... :)

 And lastly, in all the crazies of the days, I started using pinterest.  I wasn't going to as I knew it would be addicting.  I've looked at it a number of times and such, but this week a friend of mine was showing me what she was doing and I just couldn't resist any longer. 

For those of you that don't know what Pinterest is, well, it's a virtual pinboard.  It's like sticky notes to use in a catalog.  It makes looking at cool pictures way easier, becuase when you find something you love or want to use, you don't have to do the right click save to folder thing and then never find it again.  With pinterest, you pin it or like it and it puts it on your board and has the direct link for you! So when you want to go to the source, you double click you picture and it takes you to the website the picture was first posted at!

Isn't that SO COOL!!!!!  

Well, Kylie just came in throwing a 2 year old tantrum and Doug saying "YOU ARE DONE" (to Kylie, not me) so I better go!

Next installment: an update on our housing drama.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bathtime Cutie

Sometimes you just have to share the cute things in life!

Kylie is one of the cutest!!
Isn't nice to just smile!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feeling like a First Year Teacher :(

My first year teaching was the fall of 1997.

I've taught more subjects than are offered at some schools!

I'm really pretty flexible and very organized...

But this year, I'm feeling overwhelmed and underwater.

Just like a first year teacher again.

For the record. I hate that feeling.

Why you ask?

Well, since I'm in the middle of my whine fest, let me tell you.

I teach
  • Art 1
  • Pre AP Art 2
  • AP Drawing
  • AP 2D
  • AP 3D
  • AP Studio
  • Graphic Design
  • and just for grins, I like to throw in an independent study AP Art History student.
So that's a lot of things in one day.  However, I teach 3 Art 1 classes.  Those classes are first period, fourth period and eighth period. Yeah, we wouldn't want to put them back to back, cause that would be easy. Then my AP Drawing, 2D and 3D kids are all in the same class, but since it's a college board approved course, each section has their own syllabus and stuff. And I could go on and on...

But I won't.

Overall, I love my job. I get to teach something I love and I recognize that I am good at it.  However, for anyone out there that says "it's just art..." I invite, no I encourage you to walk a day in my shoes. 

So thanks for letting me whine.  I am hoping to find a new normal soon.  I'd really like to make something creative.  I think it would help my bad juju.  But in the meantime, I've got 150 students to prep for this morning.