Friday, December 27, 2013

To double post or not

Now that I have an official art portfolio online that I can post too... I have to figure out what to post where. 

I guess I'll end up double posting. The finished product here and the process there?  Or should it be the process here and the product there?

Hmmm... Gonna have to figure that out.

Anyway... I made this last night while the family was watching movies in various rooms all over the house. (I'm not a movie person..)

I wasn't planning on doing a blue marker piece, but sometimes you just go with the inspiration and let it flow! In fact, since I wasn't planning on doing this in marker, I had already drawn the girl in colored pencil on watercolor paper. Let's just say that watercolor paper and markers are not usually used together. The tooth of the paper causes the marker to bleed and spread. But I liked how it looked, so I went with it.

And there you have it. Isn't it fun! 

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