Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Eat to Live .. 10 day update

So.. as I told you last night, things have been going well.

but I had to tell you this.....

in TEN DAYS, I have LOST a total of SIX INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is one inch off my waist and 2 1/2 inches off EACH THIGH!!


Yep. I'm pumped.

So pumped that the donuts and pig n blankets at the faculty meeting WERE NOT EVEN TEMPTING!

Yes, I just passed up donuts, without a thought. without a whimper.

WHO AM I?????????????????????????


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh My! The Good, The Crazy, and The Eating Adventure

Okay, I realize that by now you all know that I live in fast forward and take on way, way too many commitments. My normal mode is half crazed and that's okay, it keeps me busy. But this past week and this current week have me way, way beyond my normal crazy. And it's all my own fault.

To begin.. last Thursday and Friday we set up the district art show. I'm pretty sure we have close to 5000 pieces in it this year.

Saturday I judged a bi-district one act play contest. I had a blast, but didn't get home till midnight.

Sunday, I wrote a paper for one of my grad classes.

Monday I started working on the Area one act play contest that I am managing this week. In fact, I really started answering questions from them on Saturday night!

Today, I got everything ready for the reception for the art show, worked on the contest, taught my classes, attended the reception, went to a softball ceremony where students honored teachers that made an impact in their lives (how cool was that!)  and came home and wrote a paper over school district purchasing procedures.

So now I am ready to show off pictures from tonight!


And here we are.. the tired district art teachers!

And here is Kylie.. pointing to her fish with a cookie in her mouth!

For the rest of the week, I am going to get artwork ready for a contest, work on the area contest, do my job and at some point write an in-depth case analysis for my organizational change course.  I am hoping to chill in 2020.

So in all of this, how is Eat to Live going? Well, I lost 3.5 pounds last week. I was on a roll until Thursday and then Saturday, I was a stuck at the competition, so my eating choices were not "on target." But I have felt FANTASTIC! AMAZING! and better. Even in the midst of more stress than I can remember and having my allergies go crazy. 

This week, I am hoping to continue the trend of healthy choices. I have come so very far! I am eating very little meat, LOTS AND LOTS of VEGGIES and FRUITS, beans everyday and drinking water. I have not been perfect, nor do I anticipate being able to make perfect choices 100%  of the time. My goal is to hit the 85-90% of the time mark.

The most amazing thing about this whole Eat To Live thing is that I'm SLEEPING! I am not a sleeper. I'm a take an hour or two (easy) to fall asleep kinda person and then I wake up four times during the night and finally get up at 5am because it is a relief that it's finally a "normal" time to get up. Well, last week, in the midst of the insanity and stress that would normally keep me up and sleeping even more poorly, I SLEPT at night! In fact, twice last week I slept ALL NIGHT! From 10:30pm to 5am!  That is HUGE! And for me, worth giving up sugar and fats!

I'll keep you posted, but I am loving this new eating adventure. I think I'm gonna love my waistline even more!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 1.. Eat to Live

I read Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live book a couple of years ago after talking with one of my running buddies for months about her eating choices, her energy and her attitude. One of the things that Fuhrman states is that you have to be willing to NOT JUST give it a try for six weeks..but to make a commitment to the eating lifestyle. With that, I said, no thanks.

Well, periodically something would come up and I would ask the friend her take on a food choice or health issue. She always has a great common sense approach and is willing to give me lots of advice knowing that in the end, I'm only going to do probably 10% of her suggestions.. cause really, I don't want to have to work too hard at this healthy lifestyle approach!

Spring forward a year or so and one of my other running buddies and her husband decided to tackle the six week challenge and they have been transformed. My friend has lost a over 10 pounds and at least that many inches (she wasn't overweight to begin with.. just "healthy" like me) in six weeks. More than that, she comments about how good she feels.  All I know is that since she starting eating like this, she has become increasingly fast on our morning runs!

Anyway, the last year I have really struggled with the 10 pounds that I have gained back from my original goal weight in 2012. I lose them, I gain them.. back and forth, over and over again.  Besides the fact that I really wanted to lose another 8 pounds as that was my dream weight goal...

So, all that to say, I borrowed the book again and reread it and decided to just take the plunge and go for it!  The hardcore 6 weeks plan (in my opinion) is really more for the morbidly obese as that is where his case studies fit.  But I am going to give it my best effort.

What am I eating? Well.. no dairy, no animal products, no sugar. LOTS and lots of raw vegetables (1 pound a day is the goal), LOTS and lots of cooked vegetables (another pound goal), four servings of fruit, a cup of beans and a small serving of oil.

Specifically...what did I eat today? is my day:

  • Got up and ran 4 miles at 5am
  • Had a strawberry, banana, peach smoothie with 1/2 cup almond milk and a scoop of Rockin Wellness for breakfast. I also had a cup of coffee with a little bit of non-dairy creamer and some cinnamon in it. (yes, that is cheating.. but let me refer you to page 306.. if a cup of coffee makes me able to stick to the eating, then he says have the cup of coffee!) My goal is to eradicate the non-dairy creamer soon...
  • For lunch I had a huge salad with the normal salad veggies plus black beans, a handful of frozen corn and a tablespoon or so of salsa. No dressing. I also had some snap peas, carrots and celery that I dipped in roasted pepper hummus. I had a peach and a pear for dessert/snack during the rest of the school day.
  • For dinner, I had a medium baked potato topped with pico de gallo and grilled onions. I ate that with a side of roasted brussel sprouts. I had some peach for desert along with and 4 Wasabi almonds.
And where does that leave me? Well, it's 8:40pm and I'm not hungry.. I had decided that I was going to allow myself to have a glass of wine that was 1/2 cut with water.  But I'm full.

Originally, I wasn't going to broadcast my Eat to Live journey, but it's such a departure from anything else I've ever done foodwise, I figure why not!

And for all of you Weight Watcher's people out there.. this is tough on my mental state!  I went ahead and logged all of my food today, just to see what it would say. Well, with every morsel accounted for, I used 12 points for food and I earned 8 activity points. Those remaining 14 points are playing with my mind.. I could eat an entire candy bar and still not use any of my weekly extras!

Well, I'll keep you posted. I've already packed my lunch tomorrow (that is more than 1/2 the battle for me!). Can't wait to see if I drop any of my middle, my mommy pouch.. more than that, I am proud of the fact that I ate all of those veggies today! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bluebonnets 2015

I need for time to slow down. 
How can another spring be here already.
Another season of bluebonnet pictures to document that my children are growing up so very fast! 

Yesterday, one of my art students, and a family friend, met me in our traditional spot for bluebonnet pictures. She got some great pictures!

Here are a few of them.

Yeah, makes my breath catch a little.

And just for grins and tears... 

2014   2013

2012  2011


And this is why I am so focused on taking pictures and scrapbooking, cause in the blink of an eye my baby grew up! 

Don't you just love this picture of Kylie and me! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

40 Bags in 40 Days Update

The purge is in full swing! I delivered a car load of treasures to a friend that is having a garage sale and now I have more room to get rid of more stuff!!