Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My 30 day Isagenix report.. a successful start!

In the midst of the chaos of January/February, I decided to finally try Isagenix. I blogged about my decision to make the commitment to myself a few weeks ago.

Anyway. In the last 30 days, here are a few of the tidbits I have learned.

1. Cellular cleansing: I am way more self controlled and diligent on cleanse days.  How can I have more energy and feel awesome only drinking Cleanse for Life and water and eating a few wafers? I don't know. But I do. I can feel the toxins leaving my body. it. is. crazy.  I do this once a week and I don't need to cheat or add extras to my plan. I even work out on these days. I am still shocked each week when it works.

2. The products work: The success of the plan is not dependent on my ability to be hard core. I know. That doesn't make sense either, but I have yet to make it on a "shake day" without eating something that is not plan friendly. Like my glass of wine. Or a bite size chocolate. Or lets be honest.... over the last 30 days, I have had a number of fast food meals and donuts.

3. I feel too good to stop. I'm so going to do another 30 day challenge. Maybe this month I can be a little more focused.. there is no telling what I can do if I am diligent!

So all that to say, how did I do?

Well... see below!

Here I am this morning in my classroom. 

You know, I'm starting to like the way I look in pictures. And that is huge. My waist is noticeably trimmer, my clothes are comfortable or even loose and I feel good.


Send me a message at emilymclemore@yahoo.com or check out my website at http://emilymclemore.isagenix.com/ and then send me a message. There is a lot to take in and I'd love to tell you about it.

These products work.

Monday, February 8, 2016


We all have crazy seasons in life. And not every day can be overwhelming. I've been trying to remind myself of these facts.

Life can NOT be just one insane moment and I need to stop and enjoy each day and be present within each moment.

It's easier to do this and remember this when I'm not under a ton of deadlines and stress. January and the first week of February are not those times.

But, in the midst of the chaos of life, I am making healthy choices and taking time to play (a little).

To recap the last month..

January has been a month of sickness in our house. All the girls have been sick. Lots of days of missed school and lots of doctor appointments. Even last night, Super Bowl Sunday, Maddie had a contrast MRI done at the hospital an hour a way from our house. What was supposed to take about two hours took FOUR! We are hoping that we get some answers for her constant pain. A relatively "simple" procedure for the rest of us is scary and unsettling for someone with kidney disease and severe allergies.

Professionally for me, January to early February is a tough time. So many deadlines! Results come in from the huge national contest as well as two major state contests are the same week. It's always a relief when these contests are completed.

In the midst of this, my diploma came in the mail!

That was a nice pick me up!

To keep sane in these weeks, I have really ramped up my activities. I know, it would be easier to just let it go and get more sleep, but then the stress would push me over the edge I am afraid!

So the little girls and I have been swimming a couple of times. I really want to improve my tri time and Lexi wants to join the swim team. So we are braving the cold indoor pool. It may be "heated" but it isn't warm!

We also went hiking one Saturday at Mineral Wells State Park and loved it! Lexi wants to learn how to rappel and we want to foster all outside activities! (I had some great pictures, but I got a new phone and even though we synced and all that jazz, I still lost a ton. ugh!)

Thankfully Doug got a picture of Kylie and me!

Between running, cycling, strength training, and swimming as well as a few random other things like hiking and rowing, I logged 35 activities in the month of January. And all but about 4 or 5 of those were logged at 5am!

So that wraps up my January. Tomorrow wraps up my 30 day Isagenix challenge. I can't wait to tell you about that!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Choosing to focus on Health and Wellness

Over the last few years, I have spent a great deal of time changing my mindset about food, nutrition and exercise. It hasn't been easy. The voices in my head about how I looked, what I should eat and how I should feel about myself were very comfortable and very much in control.

Every time I tried to make a lasting change, these voices in my head would start picking at my successes so that the negative thoughts quickly drowned out the good feelings and thoughts and I would go back to the same comfort foods that got me into trouble in the first place.

What I have learned is that the closer I get to my "goal" weight the more pressure the negative voices put on my soul. I realize that it shouldn't be that way. One would think that with each success the negative voice would shrink. But it doesn't. And I truly believe that is why people struggle with a healthy body image so much. Every success is suspect. At least for me. Maybe you don't have the same negative thoughts. I hope you don't.

But I am learning.

I am learning that every single day is an opportunity to make better food choices.

Every single day I can choose to be happy about where I am on my health and wellness journey.

The journey is long and full of mountains and valleys. But I have learned that fueling the journey correctly is important. Without healthy eating habits the mountains seem insurmountable and the valleys become pits of despair.

In 2012 I was exhausted. Physically and emotionally.

I just love that these "before" pictures of me include the food and drink that I consumed all of the time. Sugar in the form of a sweet tea and sugar in the form of a piece of cake.

And I still look at this picture and shake my head. I can't believe how wide I had gotten. And this is me a couple of weeks into Weight Watchers and I had lost almost 10 pounds. WOW.

From there I started really eating many more vegetables and fruits and working out, but my mind could not grasp that this was a real life-long change. In the past, I would diet for a little while till I got to a comfortable size and then pick up my sweet tea again.

But this time I did better.

Because I learned to occupy my mind and negative thoughts with goals and purpose. Instead of focusing on counting points, I started counting miles.

But I still couldn't keep those last 10-15 pounds off. I was roller coasting within a smaller range, but I would still eat well and then give up for a few weeks and then get back on the wagon and so forth.

Then last year, after reading and researching, I started eating a nutritarian diet more and saw great results. I learned that forgoing cheese wasn't that hard, but keeping all of the sugar out of the diet was difficult.

I even challenged myself to mastering handstands.

I had made it to a place where I was for the most part happy with body, I still was frustrated with the scale, but not enough to make any further changes. I had two stress fractures in my left foot in 2015, so I gave myself some grace for the extra 10 pounds that I couldn't shake.

So as I looked at 2016, I decided that I was ready to take the next step into health and wellness. I had been researching and watching Isagenix people for a while. It requires an investment. But I was ready.

Well, I joined a 30 day challenge and we started on the 11th.. I expected to be hungry and unhappy. Cause diets are supposed to be that way. right?
Nope. I am eating MORE food than I had been before. I feel better. I did my first cleanse and I wasn't grouchy or grumpy. I've lost pounds and even more inches and I feel good!

What? How can this be?

I don't really know.... the science behind it says lots of stuff... but I'm just going to say YIPPEE.

So, if you looking for a lifestyle change and ready to make a commitment to yourself, go look at my website and then send me a message, I'd love to tell you more about the products. Feel free to do like I did, take a look at the website, ask questions and then a year later decided to take that important first big step.

And where is the AFTER picture?

Well, not here yet! I'm still a work in progress!

But I can't wait to show you!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Resolution: Follow Through

My resolution for 2016 is to overcome one of my greatest struggles.

And what is my greatest struggle? Well..

I would say my short attention span, but I can focus on hard things or interesting things forever. Give me a thousand piece puzzle and I'm good for the day. 

But if it doesn't force me to engage, I move on. Even when I am so close to being finished with something that it doesn't make sense.

So really, I'd have to say that my greatest struggle is my inability to just finish off things.

As I have blogged about previously, I am a fantastic starter! I can get whipped up into a frenzy and live in a state of euphoria about something for days or even weeks, but once the adrenaline wears off, or I have figured out the process or whatever, I am done. Even when I'm not really done.

This works fine in the art classroom. My student's count on my energy as they are getting started. They need my starter projects so that they can see the process. The problem is, I don't finish the projects. At school I don't have time. My student's don't need my finished pieces. By the time I can get back to my starter clay piece, it's bone dry and often broken.  By the  time I can get back to my drawing/paintings, I often can't remember what my motivation/inspiration was in the first place! 

As you can imagine, I have lots and lots of starter projects at school.

I have even more at home. With no excuse. 

So this year, I am going to finish things.

My word for the year was going to be FINISH, but I know that my healthy journey can't be finished.. but I sure can follow through. I need to get a mindset of just following through with projects, ideas, training and eating.

Therefore, that is my mantra for 2016: Follow Through.

Here is a glimpse of a few of my unfinished projects...I included my girls in the picture as they have as many unfinished projects as I do!! What an example. ugh.

And I have gotten right to it. The girls finished their lingering paintings for the county art show (finally.. they only started these in July!) And I finished my first loom knit scarf today!

I am also going to refocus of healthy eating. I had been doing great, then I got the stress fracture in my left foot in October and had to shut down the workouts. With life and stress and me not eating right, I have gained 10 pounds. Bummer. But if I will just FOLLOW THROUGH and eat real food. not processed drive-thru crap, I'll be fine. Just gotta follow through.

So this is my year of nothing new except for possibly a house if we can ever get something found/worked out. But other than that, it's a year of finishing..not starting!

How is that for a resolution!! I know that there are a lot of you that need a resolution like this!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

A gift for my dad

My dad is an amazing man. He is a daily example of unselfish love. 

Over the years he has spent countless hours helping me with my art program, tackling chores that most people not only don't want to do, but never see. For example, just last week he sorted, washed, dried and stored a thousand soiled flag blanks for me. And these weren't just dirty.. they were rodent soiled from being in cardboard boxes in a storage building. UGH! 

So anyway, I wanted to do something to show my appreciation and I've been wanting to try a new art project, so I figured this would be a good time. When I think of my dad, I think of music and art. Specifically, screen printing... and I just happen to have access to some of the screens that he used in his business for twenty plus years!

I pulled this photo off my dad's facebook page. This is so him!  In fact, this was him in his early twenties.

I took the picture and edited it in photoshop and used it to draw on the silk screen. I used a couple of different kinds of sharpie markers as I found that the plain sharpie dried a grey color, but the one that was created for fabric dried black. You can see the difference in the two below.

Here is the piece in process. I ended up going over the entire thing a few times as I liked the dark contrast on the screen. (If I had time, I would have used both shades to create more depth.. but no time!)

Here is the piece complete.

It was so much fun giving him the gift. 

I have to say, this was one of the best gifts I have ever made. I loved creating it and I loved giving it! I know that what made it special was the meaning behind not just the piece but the screen as well.