Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Gift of Family

The gift of family.
 Truly a priceless gift!!!

Today we celebrated Christmas at my sister Melody's house.  It is so much fun to get our group together and enjoy each other!

I know I have mentioned them, but in case you don't remember... I have 3 sisters. My older sister by 20 months is Libby, then me, then Melody is five years younger than me, then Katy is five years younger than her. So yes, we are spread out, but we have that special sister bond that covers age span and distance.

Here we are with my mom. I love this picture!

Growing up, my mom and her 3 sisters always took pictures of the 4 of them and the 4 with my Grandmother. I am more aware of this special tradition this year since is this is the first year without my Grandmother. It is now more important than ever to keep family traditions going!

Anyway!  We enjoyed the day!

Here are some of today's highlights!
My parents.

No explaination needed...

Maddie and her cousin Abby.

Playing "Pin the nose on Rudolph"

Lexi wearing her new custom made cowgirl belt with her name on it!
Thanks Papa and Ma! (all the "middle" grandkids got them!)

And the baby of the family, Nora! Oh my, she is adorable and a whirlwind! So glad she is Katy's baby and not mine! There is a reason you have babies in your twenties!! :)

And finally, Doug and me. 

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