Monday, August 31, 2009

Everyday Celebration

I just LOVE CTMH’s card kits!!  The value is incredible and the stamp set is so versatile that this kit is a MUST HAVE!!  You are gonna love making these 16 cards!


Delight in the Everyday

The Everyday Celebration card kit, designed exclusively for National Stamping Month, can be yours FREE!*

How do you get your kit?  Well, if you order $60 in stamp sets** (includes A, B, C, D, and E-size) between August 18–September 30  it’s Free!!!! Or you can also buy as many card kits as you’d like for $39.95 per kit.

$40 for 16 custom and fancy cards is a great deal anyway, but then you also have the basic supplies to make more cards!!

So what comes in the kit?

1 – My Acrylix® Everyday Celebration Stamp Set
(D-size) (Only available with this kit!)
16 – 4 W" * 5 V" Colonial White Card Bases
16 – 4 W” x 5 V” Colonial White Envelopes
1 – 12" * 12" Dutch Blue Cardstock
1 – 12" * 12" Colonial White Cardstock
4 – 12" * 12" B&T Duos® Paper
1 – Chocolate Distressing Ink
1 – Dutch Blue Distressing Ink
1 – Mini-Medley Accents Shades of Chocolate
5' – Chocolate Ribbon with Colonial White Stitch
50 – 3-D Foam Squares
1 – Full Color Step-by-Step Instructional Brochure
Featured Colors: Chocolate, Colonial White, Dutch Blue, Sweet Leaf

Stamp set:

So whether you are a scrapbooker, card maker or none of the above, you might just find yourself falling in love with the card kit too!  You don’t have to have any supplies to get started making cards, it’s all here for you!! How fun is that!

Let me know if you want to order this kit, it’s limited time and limited supply, so don’t wait!

Have a great day and happy card making!


* Tax and shipping/handling may apply.
Limit of one free kit per order.
** Stamp of the Month, Art & Soul, Workshops on the
Go™ kits and K-size custom stamp sets not included.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A few more precious moments

This afternoon we sat outside and enjoyed a pleasant breeze while the big girls played.
Here are a few pictures that Doug took of Kylie and me.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Greatest Treasure

While I must admit that baby Kylie at one week old seems to be our greatest treasure.. I have to say that seeing her with my Grandparents, her Great Grandparents HAS to be our GREATEST Treasure!!


My Grandparents, Hoyt and Lynn are in their nineties and are absolutely incredible people.  They love with their whole hearts and have always made each grandchild and now each great grandchild feel like he/she was the MOST special, the favorite!  What an incredible gift they have been in our lives and what an incredible gift of love they have shown our entire family.

Yesterday, my sister Libby graciously took the day and brought my grandparents down to Stephenville for the day.  Thankfully, they don’t attempt to drive the hour from Fort Worth to Stephenville alone any longer!  They arrived at my house ready to see the baby and oh how special it was to be able to introduce them to Kylie.100_1421

We then all went to eat at a local mexican food restaurant.  My grandad decided about a year ago that he liked this restaurant and that’s where we would eat lunch when they came down!  So we do :)  We had a great time, a mini reunion in the middle of the week!  In the pictures are my grandparents, my mom and dad, my sister Libby, my sister Melody and her baby Sissy, Doug, Kylie in her carseat and me.

These moments with family are truly our greatest treasure in life!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forwarding on a desperate plea

This is from a blog I follow.

Would You Please Pray and/or Fast With Us?

Sweet friends we need your help, please.

It is a long story, which I cannot go into, but due to circumstances that were completely out of our control we have not been able to file our paperwork with immigration. (It is near done, but not quite.)

This morning, while grocery shopping I received a phone call from our agency. They had just received word that Ch*na was troubled by the length of time it has taken for our paperwork to get to Immigration, thus they are withdrawing their acceptance of us as Jubilee's parents.

Meaning, we no longer have permission from Ch*na to adopt Jubilee.
I asked our agency what do we do now and they said, "We don't know. Ch*na has never done this before." Of course it hasn't.

Dw and I are grieved, have been crying, and are petitioning the Lord. We believe that one reason we have this blog and you bloggy friends is to join together "for such a time as this." If you think you cannot believe all the things that have happened to us this year, trust me, we cannot either.
Jubilee is our daughter. She has been our daughter for 18 months as we have dreamed about her, bought things for her and prayed for her. She will be 8 the day after Christmas. She needs to come home. She needs to come home now.

We need a mountain moved, a miracle to happen and great favor to be issued. We are asking God to move on the Ch*nese Government and rescind that decision and allow us to proceed - we are about 2 days from ready to send it.

Hence, we turn to the Almighty-God of the Universe, who we refer to as the Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God....He is the ONLY one able to move this mountain.

Would any of you be willing to pray and/or fast with us tomorrow, Thursday, August 26, 2009? Please pray for Jubilee's protection as well. There is no doubt that things are going on in the supernatural.

PS PLease ask any prayer warrior or prayer chain to pray - please? And feel free to post it on your blog.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing Kylie Faith McLemore


Kylie was born on Thursday afternoon, August 20th.  She weighed 8 lbs and 14 ounces.  She was 20 inches long.  Yep, she is a a big girl!!

Life here at home is interesting :)  One would think that the newborn was the most work, but in reality the 9 year old is a hovercraft and the 4 1/2 year old is driving us insane with regression and then wanting to be the big girl.  Thankfully the girls went back to school today and we had some peace during the day!

Here are a few more pictures from the last few days.

I am hoping to get to complete Kylie’s announcements soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby #3 will be here soon!!

Just wanted to let you know that I am being induced tonight, August 19th, so posts may be limited for a while :)

I did create a couple more things recently, but we will have to wait on those!

I can't wait to post pictures.. Yippee!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Journaling for baby #3 with a twist

year of memories2

As much as I’d like to think, believe or even wish, I know that no matter my intention, with baby #3 I will have absolutely no time to reflect on how grateful we are that she is here. 

When Madalyn was born, I wrote in a journal on the date of her birth every month for more than 2 years.  I love looking back at the journal and seeing what was going on in our lives and what amazing feats she was doing.  Then Lexi came along and I was able to get most of the 15th’s during the first year and hit a few during the second, but the quality and quantity of writing was just not there.

So now, here we go with #3 and I know going into it that life is not going to afford me the pleasure of writing sweet nothings to my baby. If I’m lucky, I may remember to write things down like the date of her sleeping through the night, her first tooth and other milestones.  In order to help me record some of my thoughts and feelings, I have created a little journal of the months for the first year.  I have included places for pictures and the pages are small with only a couple for each month.  Already I don’t feel so overwhelmed as I don’t have this empty journal with 200 pages to fill!

Here is what I created today.

year of memories

And here are a few pictures of the back side of the month tabs.

I am guessing I don’t have to say how ready I am to get to use this journal!

Supplies are Basic Grey Papers, Creative Cafe book, CTMH stamps and inks and a variety of suppliers of embellishments.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Technique Tuesday on a Wednesday…. a cute goodie basket for a teacher gift!

I saw the cutest little apple basket teacher gift over on a blog and had to try my hand at making this little basket.  Click here for the instructions on making the basket.

As usual, I changed a couple of things up on one of my baskets, but I am posting a picture of the completed basket using the above instructions, except for the handle.  My handle is created out of a hanger like the original blogger’s handle.

Isn’t this so cute!!

apple basket2 
All supplies are Close To My Heart.

And here is Lexi all excited to take her preschool teacher the gift.  I wanted to wait and go fill the basket with useable classroom goodies, but Lexi was determined that she would take the basket today, so we used a package of  jelly beans as a gift instead :)

apple basket

My goal is to make these little baskets for Maddie’s teachers as well.  There are fun and pretty simple, so as long as sitting in my craft chair counts as “resting” I am good to go!  I’d like to get these done before I have the baby!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Why can't life ever be easy?

Why can't life ever be easy? That's my question for today. You know the previous post about the wonderful baby that our friends just got... well, life has thrown them a curve ball. It turns out that there are some unresolved issues and they don't know if they will get to keep precious Ryan. So please pray for this situation. We know that God is in control, but from our perspective it is so hard to sit back and watch the heartbreak.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An amazing adoption story!

Some friends of mine have been in the process of waiting on an adoption for a while.  Last summer, they turned in their “book” and have been waiting to be chosen by a birth mom.  They expected once they were chosen to have a couple of months to get ready. Amy has been incredible in all of this, she truly has rested in the fact that God is in control and that at some point she would be holding a child to call her own.

Well, yesterday the agency called and asked if they would like to come and pick up their 8 day old son!  Can you imagine!! No warning, no preparation, no supplies, no shower, no anything.. except of course A BABY!!!!

So with great pleasure, welcome Ryan! What a wonderful surprise and blessing!! Here are the pictures of the family that I stole off Facebook :)

6534_1135033289245_1029710299_30400488_1144719_n 5296_132798201809_729696809_3218547_1183064_nIsn’t he wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Whatcha think? Is this country enough??

country m 002 Large Web view
I am working on decorating a chipboard M for a friend of mine.  She likes country decor and said to decorate it to just almost gaudy.  Well, that seemed easy enough except that I have realized that in this process I am not country.  Not even a little.

So what do you think?  The flower and buttons are not glued on and anything can be painted over.  I have to say, it’s growing on me and that worries my husband :)

Here are a few close ups of the project.

All thoughts and ideas are welcome!

Monday, August 3, 2009

An announcement, an invitation and a case for keeping scraps!

august pics 004I love paper and I love organizing things, so you put the two together and I have TONS of paper scraps!! august pics 005 



To store my abundance of scraps, I keep them color coordinated in 12x12 storage bags next to the bag of full sheets of coordinating paper.   There are times when I think I might be going a little overboard with my scrap keeping.. however, I have to say, I am pretty proud of my most recent use of scraps!

To begin, I made baby announcements for our yet to be born baby and had a lot of invites and announcements 005 Large Web viewbrown pieces of paper left.   Given that I had taken the time to score, sand and cut out half circles in all of these sheets, there was no way I was going to throw out  these good scraps! So I kept them thinking that maybe I’d find a use a for a few of the scrap pieces one of these days.

Well, my one of these days came along faster than I anticipated.  For my dad’s big birthday celebration invites and announcements 003 Large Web viewcoming up at the end of the month, I was able to use not only the brown circle scraps but also the scraps from the printed papers that I used as well!! invites and announcements 002 Large Web view





How fun it is to be able to use up something of value that a lot of people would just throw away!!