Monday, December 9, 2013

Family Sledding

Family Sledding. NOT something we do in central Texas!

(for non-Texas people reading this blog.. our normal winter is one or two really cold days, maybe one day of ice and back up into the 40's!)

But yesterday we (and a bunch of other people!) did!!

We had so much fun! 

Maddie is holding our best sled! It's one of Doug's campaign signs from years ago. There is just something about Coroplast (plastic cardboard) that lets you FLY down the hill!

I love the picture below. All three girls just loving life!

Doug did some pretty fancy sledding.

The girls played together. That was a treat!

Kylie's favorite thing was making snowballs iceballs and throwing them at us.

The most EPIC part of the day....
scroll down to see it. 

It is worth it.

The participants are Doug and Maddie ...

keep going, it's worth it.


And yes, he is okay. 

If he hadn't been it wouldn't have been priceless...
 I know how much orthopedic visits cost!

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