Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Your Everyday Homemade Christmas Presents

I've been a busy elf making Christmas presents for friends and family.

Here are a couple of the presents I've made. Since they've been given, I can share!

The first is a sign that says "Not My Monkey, Not My Circus." I gave these to teacher friends. We teachers easily get caught up in things that are out of our circle of influence and get bogged down in areas of the school that we have no control over. It's nice to be reminded to let it go! And there is just something fun about saying... not my monkey, not my circus...about things that bother us that we can't fix!

I screen printed the signs. I made close to 50 to end up with 10 decent signs. It was one of those projects! Who knew that the black chipboard would turn the white ink PINK! Grr.  I did make a tshirt for myself. :)

Then Saturday night, Libby came over and had me scan an old recipe from her husband's side of the family. We talked about the recipe and the heritage and I was inspired to go make up something for my sisters and my dad for our Christmas celebration.  

I have to say... my keeping of all things turned out great for this project as years ago I scanned in my Grandma's recipe, so I just had to find the file on the computer. And then to find the picture of my Grandma in her kitchen, I went to the tote of leftover pictures that my parents left here when they moved. It's not the best picture of my Grandma in her kitchen, but it didn't matter for this project!

So an hour later, I had these babies printed! I used Grandma's Lime Jello Salad for a couple of prints and her Big Red Ice Cream recipe for a couple of others.  
It was a fun project. I slapped them into the leftover frames from my teacher project. So really, it's a double gift. Behind the recipe project is the screen printed sign!

I love making gifts for people.

I've got a couple more that need to be made today..

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