Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Providing beyond what we could ask for or imagine!

Isn't it awesome when you want something and you know that it really is too much and too expensive,but you hope anyway, and in the end God provides even more extravagantly than you had imagined?

Well, this is one of those stories!!

Backstory, one day a couple of weeks ago Maddie and I were discussing running and her struggle with trying to find a time to go out and run. A 13 year old girl just can't get up at 5 am and run in the dark outside, nor can she run at 4:30pm as the traffic is horrible. So she has been frustrated that on days when she was physically strong enough to run, she couldn't because of our schedules.

So she mentioned how she would like a treadmill.  

I wanted her to have one too! But have you priced treadmills? Just your plain vanilla, no chocolate, no sprinkles kinds are still a couple hundred dollars! So I turned to an online running community I belong to and all of the ladies said to put it on Facebook and tell my friends. 

So I did and within an hour, a friend said she had one that she bought used and doesn't use it and if Doug could drive the 30 minutes over to her house, we could have it for a good price.

So he did.

Last night, we got it out of storage and set it up. I hadn't seen it,so I didn't know anything about it. Given that we paid $100 I figured it was your basic treadmill.

NO! It is FANCY! I'm soo pumped!

Here is Maddie on the treadmill. No, she isn't running in her pj's. She's sick and can't run. Bummer, but she walked on it a couple of minutes.

Look at that console! It has training plans, miles per hour quick buttons, it inclines, has a heart rate monitor and even a fan!

I looked it up, we could have bought this treadmill at a sports store for $800!! Instead God provided a new to us, looks in perfect condition, treadmill for $100!

That's the very definition of providing beyond anything I could ask or imagine!

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