Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Weather Advisories in central Texas usually mean that its going to be cold outside for a day or two and we might get a light dusting of snow... or more likely ice.

It's usually 24 hours and we are back to work and life.

Not this storm.  It rolled in Thursday afternoon and as of Sunday morning, it is still COLD and the ice is thick!

Lexi and I went to the store Thursday morning and stocked up on groceries. When we arrived at the store at 9am (remember she was recovering from oral surgery, so we were able to beat the masses to the store!) there were only a handful of people in the grocery store and maybe 5 cars in the parking lot. By the time we left an hour later, it was PACKED. You couldn't get a parking place!

I ended up going to the grocery store 3 times that day for stuff we forgot or decided we needed!  Good thing.

By Friday morning, this is what we had.

Maddie wasn't interested in going outside. It was cold and a little windy and she was nursing an ear infection!

The girls and I stayed home and Doug went to work. Then later in the day, I got to go run on the treadmill. Good thing! Staying at home means eating lots!

Saturday morning dawned COLDER and the ice that had melted from traffic the day before was worse.

But a friend of Lexi's wanted her to spend the night and given that she and I had been home since Wednesday, we said YES! and Thank You!!

By mid afternoon Kylie needed some outside time. So we layered up and went outside.

I love this picture of Doug and Kylie!

One of the funnies from the day was Kylie jumping off the curb into the street and slipping and falling. Thankfully she didn't get hurt, but she did repeatedly state "my hiney hurts from that STREET!" she was quite animated about it being the street's fault!

And here are a couple of fun pictures I took.

So how are we today? Last night's low was in the teens and it is supposed to get up to the mid 30's today. Just warm enough to thaw some of the ice so that it can refreeze over night! 

Given that I've been home since Wednesday, I am READY to go do something!!! We Texans are just not prepared for this long lasting winter stuff! So come on Sun!

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