Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking time to rest and reflect

I haven't run in a week.
Nope, I'm not injured.

I'm resting.

Do you know how HARD that is for me? 

It's so hard that Doug took my running shoes.

It really is for the best.

He said tonight that he'll give them back to me Christmas Day.
I'll be ready and rested to run!!


The timing of my rest comes at the same time as Linny from over at A Place Called Simplicity asked her blog readers to stop and rest and consider what God has done for them this year.

Taking a rest from running this last week has given me to time to consider and rest in thankfulness.

As it is every year, this year was busy and full of important moments and memories in our life. It's incredible to think about really, I ran a marathon this year.. (and a dozen other races)! Doug ran a 1/2 marathon this year! And Maddie ran a 5k!

As you can imagine, I am way more pumped about Maddie's 5k than I am of my marathon.  Sure, I ran a marathon, a full 26.2 miles. But my body is made for that. I've always had endurance. It's one of the reasons why resting is hard. I'm not the first to the finish of any race (or project or deadline) but I can out work anyone.

But Maddie. WOW! It makes tears come to my eyes! Here she is in the picture below with her cousin Abby. Abby invited Maddie to come race the Turkey Trot with her.

Maddie had never run three miles and didn't know if she could. Over the summer, it seemed like anytime she got over a mile her body would give out and she would have a relapse. But we just kept telling her to run/walk/run and keep going. That she could do it.

When I think to her struggles over the last 13 years, her physical therapy, doctor's visits, pain management clinic, tests, daily meds and all the rest... my heart aches for her.

Then she has a big win like this and it's hard not to stop everyone and tell them that my girl, my chronically ill, auto-immune kidney disease girl that almost died a couple of times this summer from asthma attacks during the night and couldn't call out for help girl.. completed a 5k! A full 3.1 miles!

Yeah, that's worth stopping and celebrating.

So this week I'm resting in the knowledge that my God is a gracious God. That even in the midst of struggles and trials, that He can change everything. That God gives us the ability to do things we never thought we would be able to do. That God gives us wings to fly!

And guess what Maddie wants for Christmas?

A Treadmill.

Oh how I love my girl.

and Lexi and Kylie! I celebrate them too!! :) And let me finish this post with one of my favorite pictures from this summer! Resting with these kids is relative, but I sure can celebrate them!

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  1. Praise God you go Maddie. Merry Christmas you, all. I come from Linnys blog