Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's going on this week?

No pictures today, but life is moving at it's normal break-neck speed!

Our beloved YellowJackets (the high school football team) are deep into playoffs with the state semi-final game on Friday. Last Friday we got home from the game after 1am. I then ran 8 miles with my running group at 6am.

Christmas parties and recitals are picking up steam.

My classes are going a little crazy. We have india ink (black ink that stains EVERYTHING) in one area, mineral spirits in another spot and air dry clay and molds to make ornaments in another spot.  Add 150 students to the mix and it's CRAZY! Just wait until we start painting the ornaments!! EEK.

We close on our new house in about a week.

I haven't packed anything.

We are getting ready for Christmas.

We will move the week after Christmas.

Then we will go to Disney World for a few days.

Then we will jump into another semester. I'll unpack us at some point.

Our house has been shown a number of times, but so far, no offers. Please send a buyer!

Hope your season is going great!

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