Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Gender Reveal Party !! ?what?

Have you every heard of a gender reveal party? Me either. My youngest sister, Katy, is a number of years younger than me and these parties are the thing to do now!! I have to say, I didn't really get the why until the actual reveal.

Here are some of the pictures.  The party was held at my younger sister Melody's house.

It was a house full of friends, family and little ones!!

After everyone got there, Melody had everyone go out to the back yard to take a picture of the "sides".. you know, the who thinks it's a boy vs the who thinks it's a girl.

Then a big box was brought out for Katy and Kyle to open.
 It was empty.

 Then, the lights on all of the trees turned PINK!!!!!!

Don't you LOVE everyone's faces!!!

Aren't they sooo cute :) 

So now that I've been to a Gender Reveal party, I totally get it.  It was fun for our family to be a part of the finding out. Next to waiting to find out the gender at the birth, this has to be the way to do it!!

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