Monday, December 31, 2012

Another MOOOOVING post.

It's another moving post.
Not one that illicits tears (other than mine..) but about moving, packing and unpacking.
Christmas came and went with lots of fun and packing/moving. The girls were not much help.
The  moving company came Friday morning and moved all of the furniture and some of the boxes. But... the garage stuff wasn't ready and with the crazy transition of houses there wasn't a place to put it even if it had been.. so that will come mid-January... so, while we have moved, we are still in the old house too. All of the pictures are still on the wall and some of the china is still in the built-ins.  It will make for an interesting showing I'm guessing. (please, please be a showing soon!!)
Here are a few pictures from the move.

And here are a couple in the new house. A FIREPLACE!!!!!!!!Yippee!! We have already had a few fires. I love how cozy a fire makes a living room. Thanks Lexi for the great picture...
And here you are looking from the living room into the kitchen/dining room. Lots and lots of work ahead of us, boxes are everywhere! But at least I have the kitchen pretty much completed.
With the move, we have new living room furniture ordered and lots and lots of ideas and projects ahead of us. But for now, we are just enjoying the 4 bedrooms!!

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