Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Maxwell Family Christmas 2012

Lots of changes in our family right now with 2 of the 5 families in the midst of moving. With that, my mom couldn't host the annual Maxwell Family Christmas that happens the Sunday before Christmas. My sister Melody hosted. (Yes, you just saw her house in Katy's reveal party pictures :) )
And before you start looking at the pictures, let me say, yes, for the most part, the pictures are BAD!!! THIS IS THE REASON YOU STAGE PICTURES!! My family is full of nice looking photogenic people, but man, we are not at our best in these pictures!! (and for the record, at least three different people took the following pictures. it's not just my fault!)
Oh well... enjoy our Awkward Family Photos 2012!
First we ate an awesome lunch.

Then we took a few pictures while we sorted gifts.

 Then the kids opened their gifts. Katy had to help Nora as she is still incubating.

After the kids played with their toys a while, we went out on the porch and the grown ups did our gift exchange. We all brought a gift that we can use at the Lakehouse. (if you don't know what I mean about Lakehouse... do a search on my site for the annual Maxwell Lakehouse Adventure...) We played a gift exchange game and the little ones jumped on the trampoline.

And there you have it, another installment of the Maxwell Family traditions.  Maybe next year we can stage some great pictures!!

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