Sunday, December 16, 2012

Parade of Champions

Football State Champions!! Stephenville High School won their division on Friday night at Cowboy Stadium. It was an incredible game and the Jackets even set a state record in scoring!! The final score was 70-35!!
Below is a video of highlights of the game and then Coach Gillespie (the head coach) is recorded speaking to the boys immediately after the game. It is worth watching!! I'm sure some people won't appreciate his viewpoint, but thankfully around here, what he said is considered powerful and appropriate!
After you watch the video, come back here and take a look at my pictures from the Parade of Champions!!
Thanks for coming back... :)
Saturday morning after a very late night, we had a parade to celebrate the winning of the state game.  I realize that in the narrow definition of the words "we won" it would only include the team and the coaches, but in our community "we won" means about 10k people. And while I don't have any sons that will ever play football, I am wholeheartedly invested in my students. So... therefore I say WE WON!!! and mean it! Being an avid YellowJacket football fan is hard work!
Okay.. back to the parade. Here we are waiting for the parade. I had already purchased state champion tshirts for the whole family!! Kylie had a brand new shirt to show off as well! (love that it is a generic "go jackets" shirt as she can wear it for basketball and baseball too!!)


The girls were a little cantankerous. They had all spent the night with their grandmother and were out of sorts. Once the parade started though they were happy to wave and cheer.
The parade included police cars, fire trucks, the band, the colorguard, the cheerleaders, the players, the coaches and even Santa and Mrs. Clause!



Sorry the pictures are so small. Blogger hates me. I can't resize pictures from home on my laptop. So, if I think about it tomorrow at school, I'll resize the pictures!

And for all of you out there who wonder what living in a small town is like, well there is a glimpse into our world!!

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