Monday, December 17, 2012

Memorial Box Monday: The House

I haven't done a Memorial Box Monday in a long time. But the way God has provided for our housing needs has to be a MBM!! So, bear with me as I process.

As some of you know/remember/have endured... our housing situation has driven me nuts. We have a beautiful 3 bedroom home that is great, except that my children are at hard ages to share. So we have tried over the last few years to buy various houses. We have had our house listed for what feels like a million times. But nothing works. In fact, a little over a year ago, we had a buyer, moved out and it all fell apart, so we moved back in a few months later. We've talked about adding on, changing things... just about anything to try to make this house work. In the end, it doesn't work and it is very frustrating.

Moving forward, to early September, my parents asked us if we would be interested in purchasing their 4 bedroom house. We said yes, then not a week later my mom's dad had a stroke and died the following week. We put everything on hold. Then we found out from the bank that things would be much more difficult than we had imagined as Doug is now self-employed and this requires lots more paperwork for mortgages. So we took a step back. We considered other much more expensive, yet easier options working with a local builder that takes trade-in houses. No realtor, no listings, no showings....

We talked a lot about what we wanted in a house, what we needed and who we wanted to be. In the end, we really only had one true requirement on the house... 4 bedrooms. Lots of wishes, and some of those would be met with my parent's house. And the mortgage for my parent's house would be pretty close to what we were already paying, so it wouldn't stretch us. Those were all winners.

So we listed our house. Our realtor is doing a great job promoting it. It's been shown a number of times. No buyers yet... But I know that God will provide at the right time.

We closed on my parent's house (now our house) last Friday. We haven't moved yet. Hopefully we will the day after Christmas. Crazy timing. I haven't packed a box yet.

But I know that it will work out, because God provides for our crazy adventurous God-inspired spirits, and that can only be the label you would put on my parents.

In their retirement they have decided to give up the "easy" and do the "hard" stuff... like remodel houses and serve communities. My mom is still working at her church serving as their women's minister, but my dad is going to  use these "available years" as he calls them, to flip houses and serve others (as if his entire life has not been defined by serving others..) They have started a blog... Not Too Old For A New Adventure and their first house is a disaster.!

Thank goodness our house hasn't sold and they can move here for a few weeks while they make their new house habitable!!

And their you have it. God is providing my family with a house that we need and in doing so, providing my parent's with a way to finance their new adventure in serving Him. Crazy stuff.. God stuff. Good stuff.

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