Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moving... part 1 of 130923849273593 plus a tip or too

We are working on moving into our new house! 
I first took off the kitchen cabinet doors as I am going to paint them. 33 doors later I was kicking myself for doing this, however, I am finding that loading stuff into a kitchen without cabinet doors sure is nice! I figure that in a smaller kitchen it would totally be worth taking the doors off the cabinets in order to clean and unpack.
With the doors off, I cleaned the cabinets and put down 40 yes FORTY rolls of shelf liner.  That is truly one of the hidden costs of a move!  I used the vinyl liner that doesn't have the paper that has to come off the back. Sure am glad, that would have been a nightmare with allllllll of the cabinets. 

Side note: The kitchen is completely trashed because my parent's are moving out of the house as we are moving in. Neither my mom nor myself would ever live with a kitchen that was trashed in our normal world.  Just had to make sure that you knew that!
Once I finally had all the shelf liner in, I went back home and started to pack the kitchen. I've never moved over a few days where you could pack some stuff and reuse boxes. I must say, it's a much easier process that packing the entire house before moving. 
A tip that you might know.. but as I was packing up the plates, I first used my plastic plates between the glass plates for cushion, but I quickly ran out. Then I used the Styrofoam plates that I had bought for transition times and loved how easy they made packing!!  I reused the same 20 or so plates a dozen times placing them between platters, bowls (you can make the Styrofoam bend..) casserole dishes and more. It was sooo easy and sooooo much cheaper than purchasing "dish saver" moving supplies!
And here is a glimpse of part of the kitchen at the end of day 1. Lots moved, lots to go.  I had to finish up early as was my anniversary and Doug and I were going out to dinner.
Now I'm off to start day 2!! More tips and pictures to come!

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