Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Christmas Crazy

As always, this time of year is CRAZIEEEEEE. With parties and concerts, exams and projects... December has to be one of the best and hardest months of the year!!

Last week Maddie had her Holiday Band Concert. I looooove that she is on the end. This means something special in band world.. too bad I don't remember what it means to her. For me, it means I get pictures :)!!

The concert was great. The band played well and they didn't keep us forever.

As soon as the concert was over, Doug and I high-tailed it to a Christmas party. I really wanted to get a picture of the two of us all cute and all, but no time.  Hopefully I will get at least one good picture of us during the holidays.
The week ended with Lexi's school Christmas party. It's the one party of the year that I seem to be able to make! We had to take a gift card and the kids played a left/right game. It was a great success! Then the kids had lunch and we quickly made it back to my campus so that I wouldn't be late and get in trouble!!


With the end of the fall semester here, I am turning my energy to getting us moved. (well, Christmas buying and wrapping and all that toooooooooo.)

To be honest, I'm not really stressing over it. I probably should be, but it will be what it will be and so I'm enjoying being with my girls, I ran this morning, Doug and I went out for lunch and I'm helping Maddie pack and sort her room.

The move will happen one way or another. And I am more than aware that if I stress and yell over it, I'll just make everyone miserable and get the same or less work out of them. So, I'm trying to not stress and enjoy the season.

Feel free to pray for a buyer for our house!

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