Wednesday, December 26, 2012

14 years of adventure, fun and love

Today is my 14th anniversary. I truly can't believe 14 years have flown by!  We have done sooo much in these years.  I can't fathom what the next 14 will bring :)
Back in the early fall I thought about the upcoming anniversary and what I wanted to get for Doug. With all of my weight loss, I really wanted to do something that encompassed my new vitality and I kept thinking about my wedding dress.
My wedding dress symbolized all of the love and excitement and hope that we started our marriage with.  Over the years with kids and work and weight gain there was still a lot of love, but energy and excitement was lacking.
So, on Thanksgiving with my sister's and my brother-in-law we went and took pictures of me WEARING FOR REAL my wedding dress. We didn't have to pin it together in the back to make extra room and we didn't have to give me oxygen. I was super pumped!!
It took a little planning and I know that Doug caught a glimpse and wondered what the heck we were doing, but he didn't ask (thank you!).
Here are a few of the pictures.

When I saw the pictures, I decided to do something different with one. (you know, different for me.. not a scrapbook.) So I ordered one on metal. It is really cool.

It says:

14 years ago a
young bride married
her true love.
She would do it all again
now that she knows
 what true love really means.

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  1. Happy anniversary! I love your blog and have been reading for a while. I thought it a great coincidence that we also celebrated our 14th anniversary yesterday. I hope you had a beautiful day!