Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Annual Lakehouse Adventure

Our annual lakehouse trip with all of my side of the family was a huge success.  I think I enjoyed this year more than any before!

The house we stayed at was wonderful a large kitchen and nice bathrooms. Yes, those are two of the most important parts of a house when you have 20 people. One of best things for me this year was the house was 30 minutes from home, so I only spent one night and was able to come home and sleep in my own bed the rest of the time!

Vacations with lots of kids is work, but so worth it.  I loved watching my children play with my sister's children!  How lucky we are that my kids have playmates in their cousins! Maddie and Abby are the same age and were able to be cool tweens together while Lexi and Dillon, again close in age, played and fished and then we have the 3 musketeers, or maybe 3 adorable monsters... Kylie, Aspen and Hudson.  They are hysterical together. All 3 talk constantly and are bossy!  But soo cute.

And there you have a quick look at our Maxwell Lakehouse Adventure number 8.

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