Saturday, July 28, 2012

T- Shirt Crafts

I live in tshirt land and I will be focusing the next few days on what to do when the pile of shirts is so great it takes up two drawers in the dresser.

These crafts will be EASY, almost no sew, and cheap.  AWESOME!!

First up... Gather some shirts.
Then decide what you want to make. a scarf, a bag, a rug?  [hmmm. are those hints about what it coming??? :) ] Today, I'm making bags.

I've decided that I'd rather make washable, reusable bags from tshirts than to keep buying the ones at the grocery store!  Here is Kylie modeling a bag. Adorable.

Step One: cut off the sleeves. Leave the seam!

Step Two: For a round opening, using a plate and  mark around the neck. For a square opening, grab a Kleenex box. It doesn't have to be perfect. 

Step Three: Cut out the opening. 

Step Four: Flip the shirt inside out and sew the bottom closed. Don't worry about the color of thread. Just sew it up.  This shirt sports four different colors of thread as my first set was the CHEAPO depot walmart thread and it kept breaking! So, I changed out the thread and bobbin and all was well. I think the last thread was for curtains, so who cares if it was cheap, but since this was for a bag that needed to hold groceries, I went with my good thread!

Also at this point you need to decide if you want the bag to be straight, have a little depth by angling the bottom, and if you want the bag to be the full length or to be shorter.

On the blue bag, I added detail stitching around the opening and handles. Yep, that's two colors of thread. I don't sweat the small stuff. Some people get so caught up on things having to be perfect that they never get the job done. Not this girl. Red thread and white bobbin. no problem! :)

Finally, turn the bag back right side out and there you have it!

Isn't my model gorgeous!

 And that's it. 3 shirts that were getting limited wear now get new life!

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