Tuesday, June 26, 2012

165. A walking stick and a really cool retreat center.

(Updated with a couple of pictures from my friend Mindy. Thanks!!)

I went to my scrapbook retreat last weekend.

I made 165 pages plus a gift album and put together an album that records my pregnancy with Kylie.

I was productive.

My friends took pictures. I can't wait to show you them!

On a different note, because the place was in the absolute middle of nowhere, the owners suggested that if we were going on a walk we should walk LOUDLY and carry a STICK!


So, on Friday morning, when I went out for my run, I had already decided to stick to the absolutely MIDDLE of the road. But, I was looking for a stick anyway.  And I couldn't find one. And I was getting antsy.  Snakes and dogs are a regular part of country life around here.

So, finally, I ask God to show me a stick that it big enough to scare off animals, light enough to run with and close enough to the road that I would be willing to pick it up.  And within a minute, there was the stick.  I almost didn't get it.  I almost decided that that stick wasn't sturdy enough, and that it couldn't be the one that God would show me.  But, I decided that since this stick was close to the road and it almost had a spotlight on it, I should probably pick it up.

I am so glad I did.  I didn't see another stick until I was on my way back to the house. After I had encountered a barking aggressive neighbor dog!! My stick was perfect.  It as light enough to swish around quickly and had the dog stopping in its tracks!

It really made me think and wonder about how often we ask God to show us something or to help us with something and how we discount possible answers.  I mean, really, my stick was funny it was so pathetic. It was not at all the stick I imagined!  But, it was the stick I needed.

And finally, if you live in central Texas and are looking for a retreat center, the place I went this past weekend is the coolest!! Kay, one of the owners, made us feel so special and wanted!  The hospitality was incredible!  The retreat center where we stayed has 8 bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms!! Check out their website, www.brazoshouseretreat.com and see what they have to offer.  I'm thinking about seeing if I can put the wedding package on layway for my girls!! If you check it out and book something, tell Kay I sent you.  Nope, I don't get anything for it, I just want her to know that I appreciated her work!
And that's it for now. I've spent the last two days working on my smart board lessons plans... yep, we teacher's even work during the summer :)


  1. love that story - so did you frame the stick?

  2. I was going to, but I forgot the stick in my room at the retreat center :( !! So glad there is a picture of it!