Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love it, Loan it or Leave it -- Craft Supplies

A couple of my sisters are doing Love It, Loan It or Leave It for a week on their  blog . 
So far, they have reviewed vacation destinations, books and salads. It looks fun, so I thought I'd join in for a few posts.

Today it's craft supplies. Shocker I know.

(and just so we are clear, no one is paying me to review these items and I haven't received anything for free.. bummer.)

For my LOVE IT...  I have chosen my Cutter Bee Precision Cut Scissors!
I use these little scissors ALL THE TIME! They are perfect for all kinds of crafts and little things that need trimmed. For about $10, they hold up for years. Sidenote: they will cut your skin easily too.. so BEE careful and keep out of reach of children.)

My LOAN IT... are my Micron pens.

I LOVE my micron pens, but they are pricey so, unless you are needing a really good clean line I would suggest just borrowing mine for a project!  Sharpies are wonderful for lots and lots of things, but I love my microns for quality art projects! At about $3 a piece, these are not pens for your toddler to use. Well, that and the fact that Archival means PERMANENT!

And finally, my LEAVE IT... my Making Memories paper trimmer.

I cut a lot of paper. This trimmer is heavy and appears to be a good trimmer. But it's not! I have had 2 now and they BREAK way too easily!! And for $50, I expect the paper guide to NOT BREAK OFF!! And if that wasn't bad enough (you can still cut with a broken guide, you just have to hold the guide in place, while holding the paper in place, while pulling the cutter head... not easy) the cutter head makes the worst creaking/squealing sound ever. Really. I was scared to cut paper at night for fear of waking up the children! I'd end up using my little fiskars trimmer that I've had for years at night anyway, so I've bought a few more replacement blades for it and am making due until I can afford/find a quality trimmer that will hold up to regular use!

And that's it for today's installment of Love It, Loan It, or Leave It!

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