Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicago Wrap Up

Chicago was a great place to visit.  It's like a clean, safe and friendly NYC!

I can't begin to count the miles we walked from Thursday through Sunday.  It was a lot. 

So to wrap up the trip here are a few more pictures.

A view from the bridge looking at Michigan Avenue.

A really store front. In fact, it was a really cool store. Too trendy for me. But I loved the sewing machines!

Almost to Buckingham Fountain. A community kitchen garden!! Love.

At Buckingham Fountain. Looking at Lake Michigan.

And me at the fountain. Side note: I had to buy this new outfit as we were walking around because the shirt and shorts I was wearing were literally FALLING OFF ME!!!  I looked and felt so pathetic! So, a little shopping and I felt so much better. A smaller size pants and a medium shirt will do that for a person :) 

Trudging back the couple of miles to the hotel with a trip through Millenium Park. 

And then for a little art in the mall made from legos. I think I'm going to do this project with my classes!  I better start begging for legos, but isn't it so cool!
And that's it for the highlights.

We are home and now the laundry begins.....

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