Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Weight Watchers Update

I lost another 3 pounds this week!!

Weight Watchers would probably say that I'm losing too quickly, but too bad for them! :) They probably couldn't imagine me earning 75 activity points in one week either!  75 activity points means that I have done a lot of running and water aerobics/jogging plus lots of just stuff with the kids.

Another really cool thing is that I posted my fastest mile this morning.  Since mid-May I have dropped 4 minutes off my mile pace!  Yes, I started super slow, but I have finally gotten into the true "runner" times. 

My endurance has also really increased.  When I started running I could go maybe 1/2 a mile before having to walk and I did a lot of running a few minutes then walking a minute and back and forth.  But now, I'm running almost the entire time and even used my 2.8 mile run this morning as a warm up for 70+ minutes of water aerobics/water jogging. 

More importantly, I am feeling better than I have in years!

And my clothes are too big.  Just this morning when I put on my running shirt (bought in May and it was snug) it was too loose and I had to change! YES!!

I'm 7 weeks into my new lifestyle and 15 pounds lighter. Not to mention 2 pants sizes smaller!!

This is what I call a productive summer!

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