Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Progress Report... Next Stop Single Digit Sizes!!

I'm making my progress report public.
I want to continue on this effort and there is nothing like posting
it to your blog to make you step up the efforts!

I started running off and on during May, but I really started to reclaim my body
when I started Weight Watchers on May 29th.

With summer vacations and all that, my weight loss hasn't been outstanding, 12 pounds in 5 weeks.
BUT... I've already dropped a full size in pants!
AND... my unmentionable.. is too big :)
So, the running is helping pull off the hips and the diet is helping to pull off the chest.


I decided that while I don't love the pictures of me at this point in time,
I want a record of this process...
So, here I am today, July 7th.
I ran 3.6 miles this morning.

Thanks for making this journey with me.

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