Saturday, July 28, 2012

TShirt Crafts: Scarfs

Another Tshirt Recycle Craft: Scarfs!

Here is Maddie modeling her purple tshirt scarf. I love the way she made it with two ties. It is so cute on her!! Even better, it was a tshirt that she never wore and now as a scarf I think she will wear it tons.

 Here is a step by step on how we made the scarfs.

1. Take an old shirt and cut it into strips. I didn't measure anything.

2. Take the strips and stretch them all out except for one. Save one for later.
3. Take the strips and hold them all in one hand, take the unstretched strand and cut it so that it's not a ring and then tie it around the set of strips. This keeps all the of the strips together. Decide if you want one tie or two and if you want the tie to have strings hanging down or not. I decided on the white one to only have one large band with no strings.

 4. Wear it. This scarf was made with a adult large shirt, so it's pretty long on a tween. But I think it will be great during football season for me.

5. Make more scarfs. I bought some pony beads today and am going to do a little decoration on the white scarf and other scarves that I'll make soon.


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