Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge. It's worth it.

We spent Sunday night at Great Wolf Lodge.

It's an incredible experience.

I don't have most of the pictures yet cause I purchased a couple of disposable waterproof cameras.  But here is a sneak peek :)

When you arrive, it's pretty overwhelming. 
They know how to set the stage. ( I stole this picture off a travel site.)

You can start playing in the water park at 1pm on the day of your arrival, so by 1:30 we were ready.  They say that your room won't be ready until 4pm, but ours was ready when we got there, so it made changing and all much easier!

Maddie didn't feel good, her asthma had flared and her sinus' were all yucky.  But she wasn't going to miss this opportunity to wear a normal swimsuit! (She has to wear a swim shirt with sleeves and shorts when we are outside because of her natual burning ability plus her meds amplify the burning!)

Here the girls are waiting for us to get ready!

And this is what all the excitement is about!

An enormous indoor waterpark with slides and fun galore!
(another stolen picture from a travel site..)

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