Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Father's Day.

The girls were so excited about their gift for Doug that we celebrated Father's Day on Saturday night.  First we did cards. All the girls made cards with Lexi even drawing a picture of the house.

 Then it was gift time.

Yes, they chose a double boiler.
Doug is totally into cooking these days and wants to master a white queso sauce.
He needs a double boiler to do that.

So, yes it does make a little sense.
And... one of our friends makes the most delicious chocolate sauce known to man and it requires a double boiler. Maddie decided that if Doug had the double boiler, he could learn how to make the sauce. :)

And then Kylie picked out a smiley face spatula. She said it was for him to use while making pancakes. That girl always has an agenda!

One good picture and then wildness!

Yes, Kylie is jumping on the couch.....

It is so fitting that we end up taking pictures in the family room, where all the junk of the day, kid toys and my craft stuff get to be in the pictures. We do have pretty parts of the house. But this room is where we live.

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