Friday, June 22, 2012

Carrot Fries? I don't know.

I'm on the hunt for vegetables that can replace fries. It's not easy.

I saw a recipe on Weight Watchers  (or maybe Hungry Girl) for carrot fries. So, I made them.

Now, let me be honest.. I don't like cooked carrots. But, I thought I'd try. You never know.

Preparing the carrots took longer than they should as the girls, including my niece were starving from swimming and needed a snack.  So they chomped on some raw carrots.

We started with large carrots, washed and peeled them. 

Then as directed, I cut them into strips, put some coarse salt on them and baked at 425 (I think..) for a while. 

To be honest, I wasn't impressed. But my family liked them. This was all that was left. 

I think next time, I am going to use a mandolin and cut them into paper thin rounds and bake them like that and make carrot chips.  I think they would crisp better.

I'll keep you posted :)

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