Friday, June 15, 2012

The Finished Table, the Chairs in Progress and Two Adorable Girls.

The red table is finished. It's been so humid around here that I didn't want to put poly on it. So finally yesterday I was able to get it finished.  I love it.

If the recipient isn't in love with it, I'll take it back for my craft table :)

With the table finished, it was on to the chairs.

 Lots and lots of sanding required.

About an hour in...

Over an hour of sanding and only the top half of the chair is sanded. WOW!!
(Thanks storm rolling in for a break!)

And what did Kylie and Lexi do while I was occupied?

Well, after the required fussing and fighting, they settled unto the kid couch that's been living in the garage.  They drug it out into the yard and looked adorable I must say!


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  1. nice looking table. i like the red you used. good job. post the chairs when there done id like to see them