Monday, June 4, 2012

The Table Project.. Part 1

A family member is getting ready to move into a new apartment. She needs a new table. We found this one for a great price, but the finish was an uninspiring putty color. So.... yep, I said I would paint it. And that began THE TABLE PROJECT. Cause you just can't paint the sucker. It had to be sanded.

I was really hoping that all it would take would be a light sand to knock the finish off. But alas, NO!  The putty color immediately started pulling away from the blue if you picked at it.  I'm guessing the putty color was latex, the blue was enamel. Cause they sure didn't bond well! Of course, they bonded well enough for me to have to work hard to get the paint off though :)!

A couple of hours and lots of hand sanding later, I was covered in green/blue/putty colored dust particles.  But the table looked great.  I really wish I could just poly it and go from there.  It looks really, really cool in person. But that's not the desired finish, and since it isn't my table (it just feels like it now!) I'll finish it the way the family member wants.

And that's leads us to part 2. The paint job. coming soon.

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