Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Vintage Find

Last weekend Doug and I had some afternoon time to ourselves. So, we stopped into stores that we don't frequent with the kids.  There is a wonderful flea market/antique mall type place here in the ville called 377 Market Place. (I think that's its name...) You can find great items from glass stuff to living room furniture and more.

When we saw the green canisters, we knew we had to have them. We don't do antiques really, but we do fun and interesting items.  We have a quirky house and these just fit. Currently they live on top of the china cabinet. They are safe there.

Best of all, when I looked them up, they aren't some sad little knock off piece! They are L E Smith Moon and Stars glass canisters! Even better, we got a great deal!! I loved them anyway, now I adore them :)

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