Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why I love Father's Day.

Father's Day is a great day. I love celebrating the dad's in my life.  It starts pretty simply. I have a great dad.

Don't you love the picture below!! That's my dad and me as a toddler. I have so many memories tied up in my dad being an active part of my life. He wasn't just in the room while we did stuff, he was a part of it.

As I got older I was able to learn all kinds of art stuff and some of the sign business from my dad. Things that I considered to be normal.. like the smell of paint and how to pick vinyl.

When I went off to college, Dad sent me letters and cards. He even sent me a hug one year for Valentine's day. Here is the envelope. It has his arms cut out in heavy paper glued to a cardboard backer.. It it truly a prized gift.

Then... when Doug and I started dating and got engaged, we showed off my ring and told family on Father's Day of 1998!  Later that day we went to a Texas Ranger game with family!

I know that some people don't have great dad's and men in their life. It truly makes me sad. Not only was my dad a great example of a godly man growing up, but yeah, I'll brag, my Grandad and my Papa were awesome as well.

My Grandad taught me to love books and to make wise decisions. He took me to the library and by his financial adviser's office to check on the stock market! At 90 something years old he still is the example of wise council that I use.

And then there was my Papa. He died when I was a freshman in high school, but oh was he fun!  He lived for loving others! He served and loved and taught me to give just to give. He didn't have tons of money, but the money he had he spent buying trinkets and little gifts for people. I appreciate this example so much.

Just in case you were wondering... I've got an awesome Mom and Grandmother and had a great Grandma as well.

And there you have it. I am one lucky girl.

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