Friday, June 1, 2012

A Picnic Table for Our Park

I have the pleasure of working with some really cool people. One of those cool people is our Construction Tech teacher. Towards the end of school Bruce and I were talking about what he and his students were making to finish out the year. I asked about a kid-sized picnic table. Nope, they weren't making that, but he would think about it...

So, a couple of weeks later, he asked me to stop by his room and he had a perfect table ready! He said that he would be adding these to his list to make next year as he had a number of people want mine!  I had to paint it (as he said, he builds, I paint), but that was easy. So for a small donation to his program to cover the cost of supplies, I have a perfect kid-sized picnic table for my back yard!!

Isn't this SOOO much better than the plastic primary colored one!!

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