Monday, May 13, 2013

Tree Fabric Wall Art Tutorial

Back in March I blogged about the vinyl tree that I put on the hallway way. I've liked it, but I didn't love the glossy vinyl nor the super skinny trunk. See below.
So yesterday I went to Walmart and picked up a "starter bolt" of fabric from their pre-cut fabrics. I didn't just crazy love the fabric, but it was workable and inexpensive. I spent $7 on the fabric and I only used 1/2 of it for my project and I bought 2 yards of interfacing. So for about $10 I have my new project ready to go.
Today, I ironed on the interfacing to the fabric. This is not hard at all. I went ahead and ironed the entire 2 yards to the fabric.

Then I took down the vinyl tree. I used the vinyl pieces as patterns for the leaves and the shape of the trunk. Here you can see me ironing on the limbs of the tree to the wall. I LOVE this FAST and easy wall art! It is truly a matter of ironing on the lite interfacing to the fabric, cutting it to size/shape, peeling the backing paper and ironing it to the wall!!

Besides not having paint spills nor any drying time, one of the things I like about this project most is that if you don't like the way it looks, take it off and iron it in a new place. I even cut some sections back as I went.

And here it is! Yes I am aware it looks a lot like the old tree. It wasn't supposed to be hugely different, I liked the original tree. I do however like my trunk way better!

Next project? The french doors in the dining room.

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