Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Band Concert

Tonight was the spring band concert.  Maddie did great. The band did great. In fact, the band is so good that they are changing my preconceived ideas about what a junior high band is supposed to sound like!!
I have a video... but I can't get it to load. Just hum a tune while you look at the pictures!
Maddie was in Symphonic (the top band) during the spring semester. It is really hard to believe that she didn't start playing the clarinet until about 10 months ago. She is third chair.. only 2 eighth graders are better than her in her band class! And some of the students have been playing for 3 years!

Here is her band director. Mr. Short. Funny really. He is super tall!  Anyway.. he is really good. Maddie says that he is very strict and won't let the kids give up on a song. I love that!! I'm thrilled that the kids are good and play beautiful songs, but I love that the director is teaching them to persevere. That is good teaching!
And here are Lexi and Kylie up close and personal to the concert. I love this picture. You see Maddie on stage and her sisters watching.
And guess what? With tonight's concert, we have one more end of the year obligation checked off!!

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