Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Summer To Do List

Summer is not quite here, I have 4 work days left... but my summer to do list is already growing! Doug just groans.

Top on my list: decorating the girls rooms!

When we moved in to the house, we just crashed and made it work. Now I'm ready to make the rooms personal. But I'd like to forgo paint! So, I'm thinking a funky canopy and things like that. All of the girls need bedroom furniture (can you say big bucks!) but for now, I'm thinking of basic bed purchases and then adding some flair.

2. Another high priority is my bedroom and bathroom.

I'd really like to decorate these rooms to match, but the decorative tile in the bathroom really limits the color palette, so I'm not sure what I want to do. All I know is that I want to use a turquoise-y baby blueish color in the bedroom.

Here is one option I found
but I really want a nice bold graphic...
Doug would freak. And this one is just too much pattern!
So I could go with more basic. 
You see why it takes me months and months to find anything...
ooh, but look at this one! I love the beachy feel!

I know, no bold print, no dark contrast. just calm.

I think this one may be it! But I wonder...

3. Next on the list is organization. Or the lack of it. I am tired of clutter. Yesterday we were working in the garage and I came across a box of bells that I used to collect. I told Doug that we should just sell them. I don't have a place to store them, I don't want to just stick them in the attic and I am not emotionally tied to them. I moved past them and I've scrapbooked the memories! Doug said he guessed as long as I didn't toss him out or try to sell him, he figured we were doing okay. I might be getting a little aggressive with my selling off of the clutter!

Anyway... I'm looking at finding better storage solutions!

And that's it for now. Well, not really, but you don't care about the trashed closets and annoying Tupperware drawer! But if you have a great idea for movie storage, I am all ears!

My list is growing, I can't wait for summer!

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