Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maddie's End of the Year Dance Showcase

Tonight was Maddie's end of the year dance showcase for school. I was a little leery.. 16 dances in 1 hour. no way. In my experience, dance recitals last forever!
But nope, it was in and out in an hour and the 150 girls in the showcase did AWESOME! I was so proud to have a child in SISD dance class. I am very aware that we are super lucky to have dance every day for FREE!! Yippee..
This year has been phenomenal for Maddie. I was so scared about Junior High and the locker room and team sports. I remember very, very clearly how HORRIBLE it was for me. I didn't want my daughter to face that! How thankful I am that Maddie doesn't have these experiences! She has dance!! She gets her PE credit, has learned dance technique and has gained so much flexibility. I truly consider dance to be a gift!
Here are a few pictures from tonight. The pictures aren't great. They are taken in the gym.

 Look at this real smile!

I don't know that you can get the joy that Maddie radiated from the pictures. She was having FUN and you could tell it. She was also REALLY GOOD!! It was the first time that I saw her participate in a school activity that was physical where she was on-level or better than her peers! That was really big for our family. Tears! As my dad said, you could see that she was enjoying herself and that she didn't seem in pain! Given that Maddie suffers from joint pain almost on a daily basis, this was tear worthy!

Tonight's showcase pretty much sums up Maddie's 7th grade year. There have been struggles and hard work, but she has excelled, found new strength and her joy has been evident to all who see her!

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