Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Breakfast, Tetherball and Lunch with the Fam (oh and a broken wrist to round out the day!)

(this post is LOADED with pictures. Sorry, it's not meant to be a photo dump. I did at least compress them for you!)
Mother's Day started with breakfast cooked by Doug for me, the girls and his mom. Yum! This was a new thing for Doug to do and I think it's a keeper tradition.

Then we took a few pictures.

And I got some presents.

Then Doug set up the tether ball set that he has been working on. I was really excited as I played lots of tether ball growing up! I can see us spending a lot of time playing together!

 Doug and I played against each other!

And we played with the girls. Doug and I had to take turns playing. It was hard work!

And Lexi took a break.

And Kylie picked "flowers" for me.

And we played some more tether ball.

And we took another break. 

Kylie's gift to me.
Then Lexi was doing back bends. And broke her wrist. We took her to ER. She got xrays and it wrapped up. Then since she still wanted to go, we went to lunch at my sister's new house and saw the family.
Here is my youngest sister Katy and her two week old baby girl Nora. Adorable.

Lexi getting sympathy from Cousin Aspen.

My mom, her oldest sister Barbara and her mom, grandmother.

More of the family.

I love these pictures. My grandmother is 96-ish. Here she is "holding" Nora.

Doug holding Nora for the first time. Hudson asked if she was one yet!

And more picture time.

And here we are doing what we do best. Swinging. Love these special times with the family!

And now it's 9:02pm and Kylie is throwing a tantrum and won't go to bed. Being a mom is fun. And a lot of work.

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