Saturday, May 4, 2013

Myth vs Fact. and does it matter?

This morning I ran fast. Well, I ran fast for me. Faster than I thought I could. You see, our running group has some fast ladies and then the ones I run with, we run about 30 seconds or slower on our average pace. This morning, I was the only slower one there, so I had to run faster!! And I did. We ran 10.4 miles at an average pace of 10:04 minutes. That is truckin in my world!

And this got me thinking about why I don't think I can run fast and all of the other things that I believe about myself. This last week I've really been aware of my student's and the myths of their world that become their facts.

Like, when do kids decide that they are not creative? When do kids decide that they aren't athletic? When do kids decide that they are not good at math or good readers? It's scary. I am soo determined that my girls will not make destructive myths the facts of their lives!

What myth shaped your education? What myth became your fact? And why can't the myth be that I can run fast? Why couldn't the myth be that I was athletic? Why couldn't my myth be that I was good at math? Because you know what? I might have be athletic, I don't know. And while I struggled mightily in math in k-12, I made an A in a graduate level Managerial Accounting class that was all math!

As a teacher, I know that the words I say have great impact on my students. I am determined that I will inspire kids to be creative. Because really, does it matter if the shading was perfect if the love of creating was lost? No! My job is to inspire and share my passion for art and education. My prayer simply is that even for the students who struggle the most and are the "least talented" that when they leave my room, they would say about themselves that they are creative and that they were "good" at art. Even if this is a myth.

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