Saturday, May 25, 2013

Diva Dash Adventure Run. Done. and how bout 31/149 in my division. Oh yeah!

The Shape Diva Dash was this morning. My friend Courtney and I went together. We were "Teachers on the Loose!" Here we are before the run! And look at that.. I have muscles :)
The entire family went with me. I wasn't sure if I would ever do anything like this again, so I wanted my girls to see me do something hard.

And we are off.
 A picture by Maddie. love.

The first obstacle.
Lexi and Kylie got a chance to play on the course between waves of runners! 

Me on the course. This was about mile 2.
The ropes.That's me climbing!

And the final obstacle! I was scared of this one! But I did it and didn't fall!!

At the end of the race!
This was after we had run a 5k and completed 12 obstacles.

The obstacles were...
1. the tires with swinging hippity hops (you saw in above picture)
2. climbing through a rope maze (rope burn on right forearm)
3. climbing up and over a tire mountain (tire burn and knot on my right calf)
4. up and over 4 foot construction walls.. five of them! (bruised left knee)
5. stepping across a moving rope type structure
6. up and over 7 or 8 foot walls built in 3 sections.. 3 or 4 of these I can't remember. But I do remember that they swayed a little when you pulled up to the top of the wall and crossed over!
7. down a steep wet/muddy bank across a board and up the other side
8. the rope climb (seen in picture above)
9.  up and down a steep incline 3 times
10. a run through mud section.. man I think my shoes gained a couple of pounds each here!
11. Monkey bars
12. the balance board (seen in above picture)

It was hard, but man it was fun!! Here we are at the end.
And how did I do... well, I ran it in 33:51:99 which put me 31 out of 149 in my division!! How cool is that!! and 81 out of 360 timed runners! I am soo proud of myself!!

And will I do this again? You bet I will!! I'm already looking to see if there is a 10k event like this :)

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