Sunday, March 3, 2013

Glow Run Fun

Yes it was just last weekend that we ran a race.  But that was last weekend!
Last night we participated in a 5k at our local university (Tarleton State University).
We took the girls with us as it was close, not a school night and they hear us talk about running and racing all the time, but they had never seen us in a race.  It was cold, but they really enjoyed themselves. I think it might have been the plethora of glow sticks... but whatever, they had a good time!
Overall, It was a good race. However, I am not a night-time runner. I am a morning runner. Both are done in the dark, but when I run at night, I'm sluggish as my body is processing the day. So, I didn't go in with any real expectations. I knew I could run it in under 30 minutes, other than that, I didn't know. Prior to this my fastest time was back in November and I ran it in 29:09:7 and that was a morning run on a flat course!
So, my goal for the race.. to run in under 30 minutes and not throw up my barbeque sandwhich that I had for dinner. (Maybe the barbeque sandwhich wasn't the best idea??)
We started off with a big group of some really fast runners in the front and some slow runners in the front. About a half mile into the run, you started up a hill and we had to run on a sidewalk. This meant you were jocking for position on a sidewalk in the dark. That wasn't fun. There was a good bit of sidewalk jocking throughout the race. I understand as it was in the dark on open roads, but it was frustrating nonetheless.
The best thing about the race was that I enjoyed it, I ran my race the way I wanted to and I didn't huff and puff. Man, there were some of the college students who I worried about!! I thought they might die on the course!
Here we are at the end of the race!

Doug did incredible!! His prior best race was 32:23.1 and he ran the Glow Run at 29:56.7!! That is a huge improvement!!
My time was 28:38.6 which put me at 80th overall out of 230 runners and 6th in my age group out of 25 runners. This was a 30 second improvement since November. I can't discount that!
Part of what made the night special was that two of my good friends ran the race as well. They put up with my running talk every single day! So it was awesome that they ran and that they did great and looked great afterwards!! I'm looking forward to more races together!

Sidenote: whoever says that lower cut running wear is cute, fun or stylish is on my bad side!! Really! I have worked soo hard and the way my running skirt is cut, it makes my belly hang out and I look pudgy! Thanks. :(

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