Saturday, March 9, 2013

How about a Cowgirl Supergirl Princess for Spring Break?

It's the first Saturday of spring break!! Hallelujah!!
Yesterday it was coldish and a little wintery feeling.  This morning during my 12 mile run it rained on us, was super humid and crazy windy. Now, it is upper 70's and BEAUTIFUL!!
In typical Kylie world, nothing makes a day better than playing outside in a costume.
Tada! Here she is, the Cowgirl Supergirl Princess!!
For the record. I did NOT teach her how to pose like that. I may take a lot of pictures, but I let me girls just play for the most part while I take pictures :)

(Sorry the rest are small pictures. Blogger once again won't let me change the size of the rest of them... ugh.)

I have to say, she may be the most adorable 3 year old on the planet! And yes, she talked and sang the entire time she was the Cowgirl Supergirl Princess. I wish I had recorded some of her song, it was hysterical.  Something about the supergirl who loves her family.. and then she named every family member and then sang about the cowgirl and how the cowgirl loves her friends and so forth.....

I'll be posting some of the mundane adventures of our spring break over the next few days. No adventures on the books here. But really, who needs adventures when you have a Cowgirl Supergirl Princess!

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