Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rain, Walking and Bungee Jumping

Today was supposed to be the Kidney Walk. But it rained and poured and lightninged (is that a word?) until they had to call it off. We of course, had already made the hour plus ride in the storm, so there we were in Fort Worth with nothing to do at 8:30 in the morning. ugh.

So we went to Target.

Then we went to my niece Abby's volleyball game. The entire family, you know, cause we were all planning on attending the kidney walk.. but now the gang had time on their hands. I'm sure the rest of the families in the packed stands appreciated Abby's cheer section.
And that is how we do things in my family. In case you haven't picked that up yet. My mom, my sisters and I make plans and our husbands and children go along. Good thing!
Then we went to Chick-Fil-A. Yup, all 20 of us. We are loud I am sure. And we take up a lot of space. But I don't think we are too obnoxious..... and our children, for the most part, behave in public!
After lunch we went to mall and since the walk was a bust, we let the kids do the EuroBungee thing. The people working it said they would let Kylie try, but since she was little, she might not be ready. Yeah right. She was way more into it than her sisters.... and Lexi was the one who was all excited about it!


So the pictures aren't great, but maybe you can see the girls in them. And there is proof that we DID something.

In other news. I tried on swimsuits. to be continued.

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